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No domestic abuse or sex trafficking is okay. Leading our communities to broad-based solutions to prevent domestic abuse. Contact us at: 855-962-5433


The programs support mental health, physical health, emotional health, education, and career development.


Benefits of volunteering with us

Connect with our team.
Receive business-building technology and mentoring
Improve your mental & emotional health
Advance your personal skills
Receive volunteer recognitions
Receive LHP goodies


LHP’s efforts boldly aspire to free the world from sexual assault and domestic violence, engaging survivors and non-survivors alike.

What does Lifehouse Project do?

In a clever way our official name gets confused with the word "Lighthouse" then a second look, "Oh, it's Lifehouse - so what does that mean?"
When was Lifehouse Project® (LHP) founded?


Who founded the organization and why?


Is the Lifehouse Project a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization?


Where is the LHP located? Do you have a location near me?

LHP is a national organization and offers services to female victims of domestic violence and their children throughout the nation. We believed that our physical location should never limit the mission of the organization. Therefore, regardless of where you are located, we have staff located all across the nation capable of reaching our clients.

How much of my donations will go to helping stop violence against the women you serve?

Approximately 90 cents of every dollar donated will be used to assist women and their children in need, the balance will go to supporting the programs. Some needs may be financially based where other needs may be more administrative or supportive. What we have done is established a baseline budget for every victim we help, and our goal is to keep our services within that budget to maximize each of your in-kind or financial donations.
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Benefits of the Lifehouse Project

Women’s safety must be the foundation on which all progress is built. No American should have to live in fear. Too many Americans continue to be victims of sexual violence, domestic violence, online child exploitation, and human trafficking.
How do you support your marketing and promotional activities?

The majority of our marketing and promotional activities are supported through fundraising events throughout the year. We also have wonderful community partners who have sponsored spaces within their businesses for us to hang banners, advertisements and post other marketing and promotional material at no cost to LHP.

Why does the Lifehouse Project focus support on women, since men can also be victims of violence?

The Lifehouse Project’s mission is to improve the lives of women globally in our core cause areas of violence against women and their children. While we recognize that anyone of any age, race or economic level can be affected by violence, statistics show that most people who experience domestic violence and sex trafficking are women.

How does the process work?

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How long does it take?

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Is it possible to work in a tight timeframe?

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Will you build everything I can think of?

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Programs in the Lifehouse Project

End violence against women. One in three women will be impacted by sexual or physical violence in their lifetime.
Why do you treat for intimate partner violence?

Together, we must speak out for survivors, because silence hurts.

Intimate partner violence does not discriminate, and it can affect anyone; regardless of income, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or religion. What’s more, domestic violence has historically been a taboo subject.

What about Covid-19 and violence?

#isolatednotalone – we joined with Avon

During the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, there was a global spike in domestic violence cases. We responded by supporting the #IsolatedNotAlone campaign. Our message to those experiencing domestic violence: “You may feel isolated but you’re not alone.” Avon produced a series of “Trojan Horse” videos, which shared potentially lifesaving information about local domestic violence services disguised as lifestyle content. Further, the Avon Foundation announced $1 million in grants to 50 frontline NGOs in nearly 40 countries, to support survivors and address the increased demand for their services.

What is the story?


Who are the target people?

Life at LHP – our people…the benefits and support.

Leadership believes in the universal energy of doing good.

The leaders are committed weekly to doing good with our people, purpose and production. Although remote, we create an environment where volunteers can do purposeful work and get the support to an entrprenural career. We embrace individuality and know it’s most important to put your mask on first, therefore you can help others!

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do and we empower you to work in a way that works for you. We recognize your contributions and offer a truly rewarding experience.

What are the values?



We believe our donors, staff, volunteers, victims, and survivors, have the power to beat the horrific odds and blossom with success. When you BELIEVE in another human being and demonstrate it, they will activate immediately and move mountains just to overdeliver.

What is the strategy?

Our objective sits at the heart of whatever we do: we use the power of a technology framework to transform women’s lives for the better.

“Tell The World” is the following chapter in our journey to magnify this purpose and also spark growth; driven by our gifted volunteers.

We will certainly increase our improvement with a focus on cooperation optimization, a partnership marketing structure, branding as well as technology importance, as well as digitally-enabled, omnichannel visibility.